Tutorial: How to Move your Feed to Our FeedBurner Alternative?

FeedBurner Alternative for RSS Feeds Due to there being no active development and user support on FeedBurner, and with the announcement of Google Reader's closure, it's only a matter of time before Google will pull the plug on FeedBurner too.

Hence, it's extremely important that you migrate your feeds to Feedity sooner than later. We are a reliable and friendly service provider who cares about feeds and have a sustainable revenue model.

Moving your feed(s) from FeedBurner to Feedity is a straight-forward process, that's been utilized by many Feedity customers.

Step 1: Create Your Feed with Feedity

Create a new feed for your website using Feedity. On our homepage, enter the public URL (site address) of your website page you want to create a feed for. Contact us if you need any help with creating or refining your feed.

We offer simple feed analytics, efficient caching and fast delivery through our reliable cloud hosting environment. You can even merge multiple feeds into a single stream and include images in your feeds, among other exclusive features.

You can publish new articles or other content (like news, jobs, blog etc.) on your website as usual. Feedity will automatically update the RSS feed from the source webpage and relay it to all subscribers.

RSS feeds created with Feedity meet all industry standards for a valid RSS 2.0 feed and our iTunes-compatible podcast feeds even include relevant media enclosures.

Step 2: Change The Feed URL on Your Website

Next, change the FeedBurner feed URL to your Feedity feed URL on your website so that visitors can subscribe to the new feed instead of the old one.

You may also want to notify your existing feed subscribers about the change of feed URL through a new post, so that they can resubscribe to the feed. Unfortunately, your existing feed subscribers cannot be automatically migrated.

Step 3: Setup FeedBurner Redirection

Finally, to ensure that your existing FeedBurner subscribers can still access your new feed, even if they forget to resubscribe to the new feed immidiately, you need to setup feed redirection on FeedBurner.
RSS Feeds Migration for FeedBurner Alternative

First (step 1, in blue above), you'll need to change the original source feed URL on FeedBurner to your new Feedity feed URL. Next (step 2, in pink above), you'll have to set the feed on FeedBurner as deleted with permanent redirection. This would redirect the old FeedBurner feed to your new Feedity feed, for those who forget to resubscribe immediately.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you need any help with the migration or creating your new feed.

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