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How to Create a Podcast Feed?

Learn how to create a podcast RSS feed and submit the podcast feed to the Apple iTunes Store or other podcasting services.

How to Move your Feed to Our FeedBurner Alternative?

Learn why and how to migrate your feed(s) from FeedBurner to our reliable service.

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What is a RSS feed? What is Feedity?

RSS (most commonly known as Really Simple Syndication) is a feed format used to publish and subscribe to frequently updated information - such as news headlines, blog entries, product updates, job positions, press releases, audio/video etc. — in a standardized format. Feedity is a revolutionary service that can instantly generate feeds for virtually any public webpage. Please go through our About section for more information.

What can I do with the generated feed?

Feeds are widely used for centralized reading (subscribing) of Web content, media monitoring (buzz tracking), market intelligence, competitive intelligence, business research, content marketing and publishing (distribution). Once you've created a feed with Feedity, you can subscribe to the feed in any news reader application, or you can display the feed on your website as an embeddable widget or a direct subscription link for your website visitors. You can also import podcast feeds into iTunes, display the feeds in mobile apps (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.), use the feeds for data analysis or custom APIs etc.

What does a generated feed contain?

Feedity generates standard-compliant RSS 2.0 feeds. Each item segment in a feed contains the title, link, summary/description with image (available in Plus plan and above) and published date (available in Plus plan and above).

What types of webpages can Feedity generate a feed for?

Our service will work with any public webpage that outputs HTML content. Feedity will allow you to create RSS feeds for any webpage with dynamic (frequently updated) content like news, job listings, new products, discussion forums, product reviews etc.

What types of content will not work with Feedity?

Our service cannot extract content from script code (JavaScript), images and multimedia (including Flash) on source webpages. Our service will also not work with password protected webpages.

Do I need to download or install anything?

No. You will never have to download or install anything. Feedity is a Web-based application, which means that all you need is a modern Web browser (like Google Chrome or Firefox) and an Internet connection. It runs on our fast and reliable servers.

How much does it cost?

We offer various paid plans, and a free trial for evaluation purposes. All paid plans come with a 7 day money-back guarantee. Choose the plan that's right for your needs. There are no setup fees and no cancellation fees.



What is 'items per feed'?

Each feed consists of items (entries or articles). Different plans support different number of items per feed. Items per feed only affects the raw feed. Almost all feed clients (readers) save past items so you can still see a running history of items, although the feed may have less and newer items.

How can I edit the title of the feed?

This feature (available in Starter plan and above) allows feed titles to be edited by clicking the bold title on the Feed Builder page when creating or editing a feed.

What is the Feed Analytics feature?

This feature (available in Starter plan and above) allows tracking of number of hits and last requested date per feed, as well as the most requested feeds as a bar graph. Please refer to our blog post: Simple Feed Analytics with Charts

What is the Title Editing feature?

By default the feed uses the title of the source webpage. This feature (available in Starter plan and above) allows changing of the feed title to a custom heading text. Please refer to our blog post: New Features: Editable Titles, and Text Extraction

What is the Broken Feed Notifications feature?

Feeds created with Feedity are based on the structure and markup code of the source webpage. If the source webpage structure or markup changes, it may affect the feed data extraction, and the feed may stop picking up new items. As part of this feature (available in Plus plan and above), an email notification can be sent to the user for the feed to be edited and revalidated, so that it can resume picking up relevant items. Please refer to our blog post: Podcast Feeds and Broken Feed Notifications

What is the Feed Aggregation feature?

This feature (available in Plus plan and above) allows for multiple feeds created with Feedity to be merged into a single feed. This feature requires each item on the source webpage to have a relevant published date around it. Please refer to our blog post: Aggregate Multiple Feeds for RSS Stream

What is the Extract Description feature?

A typical feed has multiple items (articles). Each item has a title, description, published date and a link. Feedity is the only online service to allow for the extraction of all four item blocks in order to automatically create a valid RSS feed. Please refer to our blog post: Extract Item Descriptions (available in Plus plan and above)

What is the Date Extraction feature?

This feature (available in Plus plan and above) allows for the extraction of published date for each item (i.e. article), if such a date is available on the source webpage. Please refer to our blog post: Aggregate Multiple Feeds for RSS Stream

What is the Extract Images feature?

This feature (available in Plus plan and above) allows for the extraction of images, if images are published near, or as part of, the title or description (full text or summary) for each item block on the source webpage.

What is the Custom Domain feature?

This feature (available in Corporate plan only) allows you to use a custom domain (such as for your feeds instead of the default address.

What is the Multiple Accounts feature?

This feature (available in Corporate plan only) allows you to have multiple user accounts (one for each user) so that teams or departments in your organization can create and manage their own set of feeds.

Do you offer hosting of RSS feeds?

Yes, all feeds generated with our service are also delivered via our cloud hosting infrastructure. Our Corporate plan includes premium managed hosting, under which, we can setup a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Cloud hosting environment for high-traffic or resource-intensive usage. This provides superior performance, stability, scalability and an isolated fault-tolerant feed delivery channel.

What is your technical support policy?

As part of our paid plans, we offer full technical support to assist you in creating or refining your feeds. Currently, we only provide support via email. Sales and technical support questions are addressed within 24 hours (Monday to Saturday). Critical issues are addressed on a high-priority basis.



How can I pay for a new account (trial upgrade) or renewal?

We accept secure online payments via PayPal. Checkout our plans and pricing for details. You can pay securely without sharing your financial information. You don't need a PayPal account to make a payment. Payment will appear for "FEEDITY" on your credit card statement. IMPORTANT: Once you've made the payment at, you must click the 'Finalize your purchase' button on the final payment page at to complete your Feedity upgrade or renewal.

Is the account upgrade payment a recurring subscription?

No. When you pay for a new account or renewal, you are charged for 1 year of service. We don't automatically renew accounts or charge for renewals. We send out email notifications before account expiry and you must renew the account (from your profile page) for the following year.

I signed up for a paid plan. Now I want to upgrade to a higher plan. What should I do?

If you purchase a Plus or Business plan and wish to upgrade to a higher plan within the first 30 days of your order, then your initial purchase price can be adjusted in the price of the upgrade.

What is the money-back policy?

A 7-day money-back guarantee applies to the Starter, Plus and Business plans; except if paid monthly. The Corporate plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, except if paid monthly. Please request account cancellation and refund by sending us a message through the contact us page within the applicable money-back period starting from the date of payment.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.