About Feedity

Feedity is a revolutionary service for creating Web feeds and generating podcast feeds directly from source webpages. Feeds created with Feedity automatically update as new or updated content appears on the source webpage.

Feedity will take virtually any webpage and convert it into a fully formed RSS document for content publishing or subscription purposes. Feedity aims to make it easy and possible for anyone to extract and reuse Web-based public content.
RSS Diagram - How Webpage to RSS Feed Works

As a content subsriber, you can create feeds for Web content, podcasts and other online information to automatically receive regular updates (much like a newsletter).

For content publishers, feeds are proven to help increase readership, increase traditional search engine rankings, improve engagement and improve online visibility by driving more traffic from news readers, websites, directories and aggregators.

Developers can embed feeds in iPhone apps, Android apps and mobile Web apps. We also offer a REST-based API for developers for seamless integration with our service.

Feedity streamlines communication between content publishers and readers, and allows news subscribers and content publishers like media agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations and programmers to seamlessly interact with public Web content.

The Team

Feedity is a growing startup based in Melbourne (Australia). We are working hard to enhance content aggregation and data extraction capabilities on the Web. The Feedity team is focused on providing an innovative and high-quality service to Internet users worldwide. Contact us if you think we can work together.

About RSS and Feeds

RSS is an open format for data feeds, used by many publishers as the means of distributing news and information on the Web. All modern websites, from Facebook & Twitter to CNN & BBC utilize the power feeds for internal aggregation and public distribution.
Consuming RSS in News Reader, Web-based Readers, Web Page, Email application, Smart phone, iphone, PDA

To learn what is RSS, watch the 'RSS in Plain English' video.